Hostel – home away from home

The students at our college experience a very homely ambience at the hostel. We provide separate hostel facilities for boys & girls with excellent breakfast, lunch & dinner. Round the clock security & friendly wardens which gives students a very homely atmosphere

Terms & Conditions of Hostels

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  • No student will be permitted to stay ouside, with relatives or friend
  • When a student is ill, he/she should report to the principal so that the students may be cared for by the institution faculty.
  • Students are allowed only once in a month to go to their local guardian’s housesPrior written permission should be obtained from the warden for all outings and the student should be back by 6:30 p.m. Relatives and friends are not permitted to visit students during duty hours or class hours. Arrival from a distant place will not entitle a visiting relative to see the student during class hours. On off days student are NOT LEAVE BANGALORE CITY without the knowledge of the principal and the written permission of the warden. Smoking and Drinking in the premises is strictly forbidden. Ragging in all its forms is banned & it is treated as a cognizable offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will be suspended and / or dismissed at the discretion of the Management. Taking or administering any harmful drug not authorized by competent authority is strictly forbidden. In order to curb such tendency amongst the students it has been decided that any student found in possession of any unauthorized drug will be summarily DISMISSED. Use of Electric stoves, Immersion – Heaters, Iron Box, Kerosene stoves or hazardous items in the living rooms is strictly forbidden in order to prevent fire.
  • Use of Tape Recorders, Radio, Mini TV are forbidden in the living rooms. The Warden check the rooms and cupboards of the residents at any time without any prior notice.
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